Valentine’s Day Gifts for Musicians

Need ideas for your musician this Valentine’s Day? You’ve landed in the right place. We’re sharing our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for musicians. Order now to have your gift arrive just in time for the love fest. This music note necklace is simple but classy, and should be a hit with your favorite musician. “Music speaks when … Read more

7 tips for memorizing music

Students who memorize their music for performances are more likely to have successful performance experiences than students who don’t. That’s why our President and Founder is here with some tips to help your student memorize their music before a performance.

Play "Tricks" This Halloween With Spooky Sounds

Halloween is the perfect day to “trick” your family and friends with spooky sounds on your instrument. We’ve got advice from our staff members on how to create sound effects that will make your spine tingle. Morgan Minyard in her rad dragon costume shows us her favorite Halloween sounds on bassoon. And don’t worry, if … Read more

Beat the Couch Potato Blues: Take Summer Lessons

We LOVE our summer lessons for many reasons, and here are just a few: 1. Beat the Couch Potato Blues – Worried about your kids watching too much TV or playing too many video games over the summer break? Research has proven that learning an instrument engages many different parts of the brain. Not only are … Read more

Download Our Free Goal-Setting Printables for Your First Music Lesson of 2016

Our free goal-setting printables make the first music lessons of 2016 fun and productive for teachers and students. Even the youngest students benefit from talking about their accomplishments in 2015 and planning their gohappy-new-years-eve-2015-19 copyals for the upcoming year.  Teachers, walk through the goal-setting process with your students by

  1. Celebrating success and evaluating progress
  2. Defining specific goals
  3. Having accountability


With the first of our free printables, Reflecting on Accomplishments, students will list and celebrate their musical successes while taking time to evaluate progress and areas for improvement. This time of celebration and evaluation is a must before planning ahead.

Our second free printable, New Year Goal Setting, encourages students to define specific goals for themselves and outline practice habits to help achieve those goals.

The third step in the goal-setting process, accountability, is accomplished though weekly lesson notes and progress records. We recommend the Practice & Progress Lesson Notebook by Faber Piano for students and teachers.

Now you’re ready for a fun first-lesson of 2016! Happy celebrating and goal-setting!

7 Stocking Stuffers for Music Students

It’s the final week before Santa’s sleigh touches down, and we’ve got our top stocking stuffer recommendations for all you last-minute shoppers. Snark SM-1 Touch Screen Metronome. Always a teacher favorite, this metronome features 6 sounds including a dog bark and cow bell. I mean, who doesn’t need a little extra cow bell? Marvel Guitar Pick Collection. … Read more

The Essential Holiday Gift Guide to Purchasing Music Instruments (Keyboard and Guitar Edition)

Music instruments are popular gifts during the holiday season and, we believe, the best gifts anyone could receive. The gift of a guitar or keyboard can spark creativity and lead to life-long inspiration. Each Christmas, parents put instruments under the tree in hopes that their children will develop a love for playing music. It’s important to … Read more

Introducing Mr. J.T. Lee and Woodwind Lessons to MMM Students!

Our company is thrilled to announce that we now offer in-home lessons for woodwind instruments as we welcome the very talented Mr. J.T. Lee to the Metro Music Makers team. Mr. J.T.’s expertise includes a variety of instruments – saxophone, bass, piano, guitar, flute and clarinet; and we know that our students are going to really enjoy lessons with Mr. J.T. … Read more

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