Music Therapy

Music therapy at Metro Music Makers is a research-based clinical intervention. We offer music therapy services with board-certified, state-licensed music therapists for children and teens with a wide variety of diagnoses and needs in the Atlanta and Nashville areas. Our music therapists use their education and clinical training to create a targeted treatment plan for your child or teen, using music therapy to address a variety of needs and diagnoses, including but not limited to autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, language/auditory processing disorders, cerebral palsy and emotional or behavioral disorders. They use UnitusTI software to record and track treatment data to better analyze and share your child’s progress in therapy.

Adaptive Lessons

If your child or adolescent wants to learn an instrument and has either tried traditional lessons that weren’t the right fit, or you feel they might be more successful learning from someone with the education and training to better meet their needs, adaptive lessons might be for you.

Pediatric and Adolescent Music Therapy

Our music therapy program is designed to help your child meet their treatment goals through the use of music-based activities that are created and implemented by a board-certified, state-licensed music therapist. Below are some answers to common questions we receive about our music therapy program.

Interactive Metronome

Our music therapy staff is certified to use Interactive Metronome® as part of our therapy services.

Gait Training

Have you ever noticed how you naturally start walking to the beat if music is playing in the grocery store? Or if you’re anxious and you listen to calm music, your heart rate calms down? These are examples of entrainment. Our bodies are naturally wired to become in tune with our natural rhythm and the rhythms around us.

Group Care

The music therapy department at Metro Music Makers also offers group care at many facilities. We offer several different types of services and can provide group therapy for a wide variety of clients. Our board-certified, state-licensed music therapists can travel to your facility to provide services right where your clients are.

Montessori/private preschool programming

Did you know that our music therapy department also houses the Montessori and private preschool programming at Metro Music Makers? Montessori and private preschool music classes are either taught by one of our board-certified, state-licensed music therapists, or by one of our instructors who is being trained and supervised by one of our music therapists.