Taking Private Music Instruction Up An Octave


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Striking the Right Chord:
Metro Music Makers in the Words of Our Students

Metro Music Makers has been the preferred choice for students for over 25 years.

Here are some of the reasons behind their decision:

  • We offer a welcoming, supportive environment for your musical journey, and lessons are held in the comfort of your home or online.
  • Our music instructors are highly skilled and passionate about what they do. They have the expertise and experience to guide students at all levels, ensuring quality instruction.
  • We have a personalized approach to accommodate each student’s goals and learning style. Our lessons are tailored to individual needs, allowing students to progress at their own pace.
  • We often organize events and opportunities for students to collaborate and perform together. This fosters a sense of community and shared passion for music.
  • Our lessons go beyond just playing an instrument. We aim to cultivate a love of music, inspire creativity, and help our students become well-rounded musicians as they develop the life skills that come with learning how to play an instrument.
  • Many of our students have gone on to achieve their musical goals, from successful performances to pursuing music professionally. We have a track record of helping individuals achieve their dreams.








Songwriting & Production

In-Home & Online Music Lessons

Whether you’re a budding young musician, an adult pursuing a lifelong dream, or someone looking to refine your skills, our music lessons are tailored to your unique journey.

Music Therapy

Music therapy at Metro Music Makers is a research-based clinical practice. We offer music therapy services with board-certified, state-licensed music therapists for children, teens, and adults with a wide variety of diagnoses and needs in the metro Atlanta and Chicago areas.

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