In-Home Piano Lessons in Atlanta

Piano is the most popular instrument to learn—and with good reason

It offers an accessible way to grasp fundamental musical principles, making it an excellent choice for younger students and students taking adaptive lessons. The piano is also a great starter instrument, teaching students the building blocks they can transfer to other instruments if they desire.

We are proud to say we’ve been bringing quality piano instruction to our clients in their own homes for over two decades now. You can benefit from the convenience of lessons brought to you in your home by a highly trained, professional, Metro Music Makers piano instructor.

In-Home Piano Lessons in Atlanta For All Ages

Piano Lessons For Kids and Teens

We love working with young kids and teenagers, and we know that every student is 100% unique. For our young students, we focus on instilling a genuine love of music, and the piano in particular. We keep lessons fun with games and activities, use pieces of music that young students love, and let our students be involved in the song selection process. We teach the fundamentals of music and work towards significant progress, but we always keep lessons interesting.

The goal is to help your child want to practice. When a child enjoys music, and when they get to perform fun and rewarding pieces for their family and friends, that often spurs them on to long term success.

We enjoy helping teenagers as well. Many of the middle and high school pianists we teach have previous musical experience, and we also build from what they know. If they have a particular genre they enjoy, we’ll also try to work that into our piano lessons. Whether your child wants to play by ear, write songs, play advanced classical music, or even attend college on a music scholarship, we will tailor lessons accordingly.

Piano Lessons For Adults

Our adult piano students often bring specific goals to lessons. They may want to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, learn to sight read, or get a foundation in reading charts so that they can play keyboard in worship or a local band. We encourage our students to share their goals with us so that we can structure the perfect curriculum.

Get a Well Rounded Piano Education

What Musical Fundamentals Will You Learn?

Our piano teachers are exceptionally qualified, and they will impart a fundamentally sound piano education. Our students learn to read notes on the staff, translate those notes to keys on the piano, and understand the relationships between notes in the form of intervals and chord progressions. We also teach perfect piano technique so that you can gain speed, play with dynamics, and avoid injury or discomfort.

We’ll teach you sharps and flats, time signatures, and even the art of sight reading – a common request. As you improve, we can also jump into improvisation and even composition. From musical form to learning the technical intricacies of tough pieces of music, we are going to help you.

What if a Student Has a Particular Musical Interest?

While many of our students simply want a holistic approach to the piano, we do help students with specialized interests. For instance, our songwriting program is available to pianists as well, and we can teach you to write in various styles using the keyboard. Or if you would like lessons focused on advanced classical literature, we can teach you how to drill tricky passages, memorize music, and interpret it for performance. Our teachers have performed Bach, Prokofiev, Bartok, Rachmaninoff, and nearly every other composer you can think of.

We also help students who wish to play by ear, compose music, and we can even use film scores, video game soundtracks, and pop tunes in our lessons as a teaching aid.

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Our in-home piano lessons allow families to maintain a more comfortable schedule, and these lessons also help busy professionals find time to take piano lessons during the week. Let us help you become a confident musician – get in touch about our music lessons in Atlanta today. We look forward to hearing from you. We help students in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, Marietta, and other areas as well as within the Atlanta city limits.

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