In-Home Music Lessons in Atlanta

in-home music lessons Atlanta

We believe music lessons are important — and we’re certain you do too, since you’re here!

We also recognize the challenges of managing your family’s busy schedule. That’s precisely why we bring our expertise to your doorstep!

Not sure what instrument your child should start with? Have other questions before registering?

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In-Home Music Lessons FAQs

Who are Metro Music Makers’ in-home music lessons for?

From young children to adults, Metro Music Makers offers an excellent opportunity to learn an instrument in the comfort of your home. Choosing in-home lessons with Metro Music Makers frees you from the need to travel for yet another activity, giving you the flexibility to enhance your or your child’s musical education at a time and place that works for YOU.

Our expert team of instructors has extensive experience working with students of various ages and skill levels. Whether you’re embarking on your musical journey or seeking to elevate your existing skills, our in-home music lessons are tailored to meet your needs.

What do I need to have to take music lessons from Metro Music Makers?

All you need is your instrument, and you’ll be ready to make music. We offer in-home lessons for piano, guitar, voice, bass, violin, ukulele, drums, woodwinds, brass, songwriting, and home recording, in any and all styles of music.

What do Metro Music Makers’ in-home music lessons look like?

Our team is dedicated to crafting a personalized weekly lesson designed exclusively for you. This includes scheduling a lesson time that works with your agenda, selecting the ideal music teacher who aligns with your skill level, and honing in on the specific music genre you aspire to pursue. Our instructors are adept at providing customized lessons across a wide spectrum of instruments, music genres, and teaching styles.

Who are the in-home instructors at Metro Music Makers?

At Metro Music Makers, our instructors are the heart and soul of our musical community. They are highly skilled, passionate, and dedicated individuals who bring a wealth of expertise to our students. With diverse backgrounds in music education, performance, and songwriting, our instructors are carefully selected to ensure they are not only masters of their craft but also exceptional educators. They possess the unique ability to inspire, guide, and foster a deep appreciation for music in students of all ages and skill levels. Their commitment to fostering a nurturing and enjoyable learning environment makes them the perfect mentors to help you or your child embark on a fulfilling musical journey.

Why should we consider in-home music lessons with Metro Music Makers?

Music education in the home is invaluable, as our students learn in an environment where they are comfortable—learning in the familiarity of your own environment can alleviate performance anxiety and elevate the overall learning experience. It’s the perfect environment for novices and individuals looking to build self-assurance. Our in-home lessons simplify the involvement of your entire family. Multiple family members can explore various instruments, nurturing a shared passion for music.

In addition, there’s no hassle driving to and from lessons—so it’s easy on your schedule and lifestyle as well. They are also incredibly convenient, as other family members are able to continue with their own tasks and activities while the student is learning. And of course, there is the time and money saved by not having a commute!

What about recitals and performance opportunities for students taking in-home lessons with Metro Music Makers?

Performing in front of an audience is an important part of student development, and we are dedicated to organizing several events throughout the year that bring our community of students and families together. These events provide students with consistent opportunities to showcase their talents and build confidence in a supportive and positive environment.

What else should I know about in-home music lessons with Metro Music Makers?

We are standing by to help you get started right away! Our music teachers can’t wait to help you or your child learn how to play. You can fill out the form below, or simply call (877-794-5037 toll-free) or email ( to begin the simple process of getting paired with a music teacher who is right for you!

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