Alek Gayton

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Drum Set, Percussion, Piano

Education and awards:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music from Eastern Washington University
  • Master of Music in jazz and improvised music 

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Over 12 years of performance experience throughout the United States and Canada
  • Performances with Grammy Award artists
  • Member of Seattle Seahawks Drumline, BlueThunder
  • Performances at notable events such as Monterey Jazz Festival’s Next Generation, South by Southwest, Summer Melt Down, Otis Mountain Get Down, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, KNKX, ESPN, and FOX

Teaching experience: 

  • Private and group instructor for over 10 years
  • Teacher Assistant for jazz and pop music courses at University of Washington

Alek is a musician with over 12 years of performance experience and over a decade of teaching experience. He teaches students on the drum set, classical and marching percussion, and on piano and keyboards in various styles including jazz, soul, funk, pop, and rock.

As an educator, Alek possesses the flexibility to teach to the individual student. He believes in giving students the opportunity to explore and create on their instrument while focusing on good fundamentals. “Learning an instrument is an incredible and rewarding experience,” he shares. “Music is a universal language that connects us together.”

Alek offers patience and lots of positive energy and support to his students. “Be patient and enjoy the process of connecting with your instrument!” he encourages his students. “Results will come!”

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