Metro Music Makers began with one piano teacher, Allison Boyd, who started teaching in-home piano lessons in 1998.

Allison is now the owner and president of Metro Music Makers, one of the premier private music education and music therapy providers in Atlanta and Nashville.

Since beginning with a focus on in-home private instruction, Metro Music Makers has expanded to offer our services to schools and healthcare providers as well. Our team of trained, dedicated and passionate teachers travels all over the Atlanta and Nashville areas so our clients don’t have to.

Our mission is to extend the benefits of musical ability to people of all ages and abilities through superior music instruction and therapy. Our students can study virtually any instrument, and we offer multiple  performance opportunities throughout the year, including traditional recitals, festivals and community events.

We believe that music is for everyone, and that any individual is capable of learning how to play an instrument regardless of age, gender, skill level, disability and ethnic background. To ensure that we uphold the highest standards in music education, we provide a professional development program for our instructors to cover topics related to music and the fine arts, teaching music, learning styles, child development, and business basics for professional musicians.