Benefits of Music for Addiction Recovery

written by Annie Summar MT-BC “Music, reflecting the norms, attitudes, beliefs and experiences of a group of people, serves a unifying function in groups, as in society. Music therapy utilizes the power of music to facilitate recognition of a common identity among addicted clients, as well as common beliefs and problems, thereby opening pathways for […]

Metro Music Makers and Moms on Call Partner to Bring Music to Your 15-Month- to 4-Year-Old Baby’s Day

In the final blog of the Moms on Call series, MMM music therapist, Kristen Van Dyke, discussed the role of music in the toddler years. Music continues to be truly powerful in helping to develop important developmental skills such as communication, cognitive development and motor skills. Think about how much easier it is to remember something when it is set to music!

Metro Music Makers and Moms on Call Partner to Bring Music to Your 6- to 15-Month Old Baby’s Day

n the second blog of our partnership with Moms on Call, MMM music therapist Kristen Van Dyke focused on the age range of 6 to 15 months. At this age, babies really begin to purposefully interact more with their caregivers and have an increased awareness of the world around them. There are so many motor, communication and cognitive skills forming during this time, and music can play a fun role in cultivating these skills.

Metro Music Makers and Moms on Call Partner to Bring Music to Your 0- to 6-Month Old Baby’s Day

Metro Music Makers had the pleasure of partnering with Moms on Call, a wonderful company bringing valuable resources to new parents all over the globe. MMM music therapist Kristen Van Dyke wrote a blog that focused on incorporating music into your 0- to 6 month-old-baby’s day to promote parent/child bonding.

Our Podcast Is Here!

Have you heard? We’ve started a podcast to bring you even more interesting, educational, and helpful information on all things music! Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a musician, or just someone who loves music, there is something on our show for you!