Gospel Music: Its Origin and Its Evolution

written by MMM teacher Canangela Boyd-Robertson The Role of Gospel Music At its core, gospel music reflects the passion and intensity of religious faith and a yearning for connection with God. This fervor is what has made gospel music one of our most beloved musical and cultural influences. A collage of suffering, struggle, victory, and … Read more

Making Your Music Goals Happen

by Metro Music Makers instructor Clifford Koufman You would be amazed at what can happen as the result of setting a goal for your music, or even just admitting to yourself what you hope to accomplish with your music.  Do you want to play in your bedroom by yourself? Is that enough? Do you want … Read more

The Power of Love (Songs)

by Metro Music Makers instructor Aria Taboada February 14, the day of love, is almost here. It’s the day where we celebrate romance with lots of chocolate, hearts and flowers. I personally do not think that Valentine’s Day is complete without a good playlist of love songs. If you know what you are looking for, … Read more

Music Therapy Intervention Series: Lyric Discussion

Written by Kristen Van Dyke, MT-BC *Note: The goal of this blog series discussing music therapy interventions is to give more information about the field of music therapy and what a music therapist does. For the safety of all those involved, only a licensed, board-certified music therapist should carry out these interventions. However, at the … Read more

How to perfect your craft

written by Metro Music Makers instructor Justin Boyd You are a musician who is really in love with music, and you really want to improve. You have the drive in you to always get better and grow. You see that many people accomplish being “okay” at their craft, but very few people accomplish greatness. What … Read more

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