SOS: Singing While You’re Sick

Written by Metro Music Makers instructor Sarah Cauthen I don’t know about you, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall.  Reasons I LOVE fall: Comfy sweaters Fall spices Watching the leaves turn But as a singer, I also DREAD fall, because I basically remain “under the weather” vocally from mid-October until January. It’s … Read more

Prepping for the gig

written by Metro Music Makers instructor J.T. Lee When we’re young musicians, often we have the luxury of time, especially when it comes to performance prep. We spend months prepping for minutes on stage. I remember being in high school band—we started working Christmas music in October. The crazy thing was that we played the … Read more

7 tips for memorizing music

Students who memorize their music for performances are more likely to have successful performance experiences than students who don’t. That’s why our President and Founder is here with some tips to help your student memorize their music before a performance.

Vocal Recovery 102

Metro Music Makers instructor Chelsea Smith shares three secrets that can assist in the rehabilitation of the voice and often speed up the process of healing when you’re sick or tired.

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