5 Great Websites for Music Education at Home

by Metro Music Makers instructor Chelsea Sefzik

This is an interesting time for us all, isn’t it? Some people may be enjoying the at-home time, but for others, this is a big challenge. I know that I miss my students, but I’ve been thinking about ways to educate them through the online platform that Metro Music Makers has been using. I have found what I believe are some worthwhile music sites to grow my students even though I’m not in the room with them. Maybe that break from common core math all day can be comprised of a few of these?

1. Flashcards – I believe we could all use a little note refresher, and
this website not only includes treble and bass clef, but also
alto and tenor clefs. It’s even got a timer for a little extra hustle.
Enjoy! Name That Note

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