Benefits of Music for Addiction Recovery

written by Annie Murphy MT-BC “Music, reflecting the norms, attitudes, beliefs and experiences of a group of people, serves a unifying function in groups, as in society. Music therapy utilizes the power of music to facilitate recognition of a common identity among addicted clients, as well as common beliefs and problems, thereby opening pathways for … Read more

Making Music Education Accessible for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kristen Van Dyke, MT-BC, LPMT
Sara Longwell, MT-BC, LPMT

Piano-Lessons-300x184Music is one of the only things in the world that truly connects humans to other humans as well as connecting one to oneself. Listening to or playing music can create unique individual and shared experiences. Music education can play a pivotal role in a child’s life. While children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder may experience the world in a very unique way, chances are, music is a part of it. Whether you are a parent or a music teacher working with a student diagnosed with ASD, you may be interested to learn about how music lessons can work for your child or student. Can a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder be successful in music education?

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2020 Summer Camps at Metro Music Makers

Metro Music Makers is excited to be partnering with Alpharetta Recreation, Parks and Cultural Services to produce our camp experiences this summer. We are thrilled to be bringing back our two most popular camp offerings: Rock Band Camp and Musical Theatre Camp.

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