Glenn Anthony

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piano, guitar, ukulele, Bass guitar, drums, recorder, world music

Education and awards:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (audio and video production), University of Georgia

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Green Drum Master in the 1996 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Atlanta
  • Green Drum Master in the 1996 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Atlanta
  • Recorded and released a (sold out) relaxing world music CD in 2001
  • Performed the didjeridu for a Gala Ball for the Australian Consulate around 1998  

Teaching experience:

  • Private instructor since 2008
  • Arbor Montessori: general music teacher for  ages 6-14, 2012-2018
  • LEAD (Homeschool education coop): group class instructor, 2017-2020
  • Delivering educational music programs since 1996 

Decades of passionate musical experience have helped Glenn become a well-rounded, versatile performer. As an avid listener to World Music, he often felt compelled to obtain and play unique-sounding instruments he heard in the music. “I never stop acquiring instruments, learning, practicing, and refining,” he shares. “ I’m happiest when playing music or helping others enjoy playing and understanding music. I believe that learning music and playing with others is a focused activity that leads to relaxation, fellowship, personal betterment, and neuroplasticity.”

Glenn has been teaching piano, ukulele, guitar, drums and percussion, bass, recorder, clarinet, mandolin, world Instruments, production/tech, composition, and improvisation since 2008. Glenn delivers fun and friendly music instruction that fosters technique and understanding while focusing on playing music together. A distinctive focus for Glenn’s instruction is getting siblings and entire families to play music together.  

“I offer my students a unique experience because of my ability to play many instruments,” Glenn explains. “I often play the ukulele in guitar lessons, guitar in piano lessons, and piano in drum lessons.”

“Music can feel like magic, and learning music is beneficial to all areas of life,” he continues.

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