In-Home Voice Lessons in Atlanta

Some people say that singers are just born with a natural ability, but we think anyone can express themselves through singing with our expert coaching and some practice.

Our instructors focus on the essential elements of singing—vocal health, breath control, pitch and tone quality, vocal strength and stamina, and stage presence—to help our students sing their favorite styles, whether it’s rock, pop, Broadway, opera, R&B, or country.

We work with students of all ages, including children, in order to give them a good foundation and to discover their best talents. We can help you prepare for auditions, stage performances, college program auditions and more!

Singing Lessons For All Ages in Atlanta

Singing Lessons For Kids and Teens

Can you really help someone learn to sing before their voice has changed? Yes – we believe there is so much to learn. We help kids and middle schoolers learn to breathe properly, sing notes “on pitch” by developing their ear, and learn to read music and count rhythms. This approach is more than a regular singing lesson – it lays a solid musical foundation. Of course, we also help kids learn to make a beautiful sound without any tension, thereby setting them up for long term success.

We also enjoy teaching high schoolers how to sing. Many of our teenage students are participating in school chorus, auditioning for musicals, or even putting together audition tapes for college musical theater programs. We can help them choose repertoire that will flatter their skill set and learn popular Broadway songs that will help them win auditions.

Navigating vocal changes is a big deal in high school as well. Many students are trying to figure out if they are a bass, tenor, alto, and soprano, and they may be struggling to expand their range after a voice change. We teach technical exercises that will help them hit those high and low notes safely, and we can even teach contemporary techniques like belting, mixed chest voice and more.

Voice Lessons For Adults in Atlanta

Some of our adult students bring years of singing experience to the table, while others are frustrated because other teachers have labeled them “tone deaf.” We believe that anyone can learn to sing beautifully, and this will also help you communicate more confidently in professional settings, not just the musical stage. Whether you want to sing Schubert’s Lieder, participate in a church choir, or land a role in a community production of Into the Woods, get in touch!

Personalized Voice Lessons For Every Singer

There are certain non-negotiable fundamentals like good breathing, tension-free vocal production, note reading, and more, but we also personalize each lesson to the student’s unique needs. We will take into account your strengths and weaknesses, preferred genres, goals, and more to create a personalized learning experience for you.  Above all, our voice teachers are encouraging and positive. We are your biggest fan – and you’ll never feel uncomfortable giving it your all in a voice lesson.
To start taking in-home voice lessons in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, or the surrounding suburbs, please get in touch. We also offer piano lessons in Atlanta, songwriting, guitar and more – many of our students take lessons on multiple instruments.

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