In-Home Guitar Lessons in Atlanta

The instructors at Metro Music Makers have extensive experience teaching a broad range of guitar lessons to students of all skill levels, as well as lessons on the ukulele and bass.

Whether it’s strumming barre chords, shredding rock guitar, fingerpicking, improvising, or songwriting, MMM’s instructors have provided high quality guitar lessons to beginner guitar players and advanced players. We work with students of all ages, including young children, in order to give them a good foundation, improve their guitar techniques, and discover their best talents. We can help you prepare for auditions, stage performances, college program auditions, forming bands, and more!

Guitar Lessons in Atlanta For Kids Through Adults

Guitar Lessons For Kids

Our guitar lessons for kids are focused on music fundamentals, healthy technique, and creating a lasting love for music.

Firstly, we can help you choose the right instrument for your child. For younger children, half-size or three-quarter-size guitars are ideal because they are easier to hold and play. Brands like Yamaha offer models like the JR1, which is a compact folk guitar that provides authentic acoustic sound. Another great option is the Ibanez GRGM21 Mikro Electric Guitar, which is a three-quarter-size electric guitar perfect for little rockers.

For kids, guitar lessons often focus on simple chords, basic strumming patterns, and easy melodies to help them gain confidence and build a foundational skill set. Incorporating fun songs that children know and love can also make the learning process exciting and more engaging. We use games and visual aids, teach them exactly how to practice at home, and always send them on their way with something cool and rewarding to share with family and friends.

Guitar Lessons For Adults

We help adults with a variety of genres, including rock, blues, jazz, or classical guitar. Each genre requires different techniques and knowledge of specific repertoires. For instance, learning blues might involve mastering bending and vibrato, while classical guitar would focus on fingerpicking and dynamics. Whether you need to master the blues scale in every key, learn power chords, or even write and perform solos, we are happy to help. We can also stick with traditional guitar lessons in which we learn chords, chord patterns, scales, arpeggiated techniques and more.

We Teach Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Our teachers have the experience and playing skills to help beginners, intermediate guitarists and advanced musicians.

Beginner guitarists start with learning the basics of guitar anatomy, proper hand positioning, and simple chord structures. Strumming patterns and basic picking techniques are introduced early, and we bring new concepts together through songs and teaching pieces as quickly as possible. 

As you improve, we’ll dive deeper into scale patterns, chord variations, and more complex strumming and picking techniques. You may also learn barre chords, improvisation, and the basics of soloing. We can also jump into genre-specific techniques and patterns as you start to figure out what you like most about the guitar.

We also help advanced guitarists break through their current skill plateau. We may work with intricate fingerstyle playing, complex chord inversions, and advanced improvisations. We can also study music theory and song composition in greater depth, taking you from a competent guitarist to a truly exceptional musician capable of anchoring a band.

Whether you want to play Bach or join a local rock band, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and start your in-home guitar lessons in Atlanta as soon as possible. We also help students in surrounding suburban areas like Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Marietta, Sandy Springs, East Cobb and more.

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