Online Guitar Lessons

The instructors at Metro Music Makers have extensive experience teaching a broad range of guitar lessons to students of all skill levels.

Whether it’s strumming barre chords, shredding rock guitar, fingerpicking, improvising, or songwriting, MMM’s instructors have provided high quality guitar lessons to beginner guitar players and advanced players. We work with students of all ages, including young children, in order to give them a good foundation, improve their guitar techniques, and discover their best talents. We can help you prepare for auditions, stage performances, college program auditions, forming bands, and more!

With our online guitar lessons, you can easily and effectively learn to play your axe conveniently—anytime and anywhere. While YouTube or apps like Fender Play are useful, they lack the engagement, feedback, and personally tailored instruction of a teacher. Metro Music Makers instructors make high-quality, one-on-one learning accessible to any and all students.

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