Obai Alabyad

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Guitar, Piano, Voice, Songwriting, Production

Education and awards:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production with a concentration in Music
  • Cannes Film Festival Award for sound design in a short film

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Singer/songwriter/producer for several record labels
  • Audio editor For GM Voices

Teaching experience:

  • Music teacher for Fine Arts Matter Academy
  • 3+ years of teaching music
  • Several years of teaching language

Obai received his B.A. in Audio Production with a concentration in Music. Since that time, he has worked in the singer/songwriter industry and as a producer for several record labels. He also has several years of teaching experience in both language and music.

Obai wants to make sure his students have a healthy relationship with their respective instruments, and he also aims to cater the lesson to their strengths .”I want to personalize all my lessons with the student’s passions and needs in mind,” Obai explains. 

One way he accomplishes this is by considering the student’s music idols as he plans for the lesson. “I try to figure out if they favor songwriting, technique, or production and help each student get as close as possible to their musical dreams.” 

He most enjoys watching the kids he taught over a semester perform in front of their parents, visibly proud and happy with the progress they’ve made. 

Obai enjoys most genres of music, but he mostly loves spending his free time songwriting and producing his own work.  Obai’s favorite styles of music are pop, R&B, and soul!

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