Olivia Broome

Olivia Broome is a voice teacher specializing in musical theatre and classical music. She recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada after living all over the United States: Atlanta, Nashville, New York City, and Dallas, Texas.

Trae Berry

Trae has been playing guitar around Atlanta for six years, and teaching for four. In addition to playing in three bands regularly, Trae is owner and founder of Nature Boy Studios, located in Peoplestown, Atlanta.

Tony Gibson

Tony loves helping students who want to learn to play in rock bands or worship bands, as well as those who want to pursue a degree in classical music or become professional performers.

Sarah Cauthen

Sarah is a voice instructor for Metro Music Makers, specializing in classical style (but also offering Broadway, pop and jazz), a beginner and intermediate piano instructor, and a beginning guitar and ukulele instructor.

Canangela Boyd-Robertson

Canangela is a vocal coach and piano instructor who has worked with artists in a variety of styles, with her experience spanning from elementary students, to the church, and to the recording industry, where she has worked with artists from a number of recording/management companies. 

Abigail Sykes

Abigail teaches classical voice, as well as musical theatre, folk and pop. She also teaches basic piano, ukulele and guitar.

Victor Ezquerra

Victor is an experienced teacher of numerous instruments, including electric and acoustic guitar, beginning bass, drums, ukulele, mandolin and piano. He also teaches across a variety of genres, including rock,​ blues, country, folk, alternative, pop and rap.

Mark Grundhoefer

Mark is an accomplished teacher on guitar, piano, bass, banjo, mandolin and ukulele. He teaches beginner to advanced lessons in all genres of music, especially classical, jazz, rock and blues. Mark also teaches songwriting and music production on GarageBand and Logic.

J.T. Lee

A rare teacher that offers in-depth, attainable improvisational studies, J.T. can arrange music to fit any instrument. J.T. teaches guitar, piano, bass and woodwinds at Metro Music Makers, in styles as varied as jazz, country, worship, rock and classical.

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