Play "Tricks" This Halloween With Spooky Sounds

Halloween is the perfect day to “trick” your family and friends with spooky sounds on your instrument. We’ve got advice from our staff members on how to create sound effects that will make your spine tingle.

Morgan Minyard in her rad dragon costume shows us her favorite Halloween sounds on bassoon. And don’t worry, if you haven’t seen a bassoon up close, she begins with a brief introduction to the instrument. Morgan demonstrates half note trills and multiphonics, which create a “crunchy” sound. And did you know the bassoon has a pancake key?

Mark Grundhoefer shows us a slide technique for making one of his favorite Halloween sound effects on electric guitar. Playing behind the slide makes all the difference! And don’t forget to turn up the reverb.The girl in the video is Mark’s daughter who is super excited to trick-or-treat and is learning how to make creepy sound effects at a young age.

Happy Halloween! Now go trick someone with your new spooky sounds!

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