• Special Needs Proficiency

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele

Education and awards:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music, Young Harris College (cum laude)
  • Studied piano since 2001 (including taking lessons from Metro Music Makers from 2003-2013!)
  • Federation 30-point cup winner
  • Edwin Gerschefski Scholarship award “For Outstanding Achievement in Piano,” Young Harris College, 2014
  • Mu Phi Epsilon International Professional Music Honor Fraternity 

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Missionary in South and Central America, where she had the opportunity to record church music with the Wayuu, an indigenous people group of Northern Colombia
  • Worship leader at FBC Alpharetta
  • Performing in Five Grands Fantasia (a piano ensemble concert, performing a variety of trips, quintets, and even a 20-hand piece), Young Harris College

Teaching experience: 

  • Music intern with Metro Music Makers
  • Member of the Music Teachers National Association throughout college
  • Piano instructor in Blairsville, Georgia

Grace Mason, a former Metro Music Makers student herself, teaches piano, guitar and ukulele. As a teacher, Grace works to individualize each lesson for her students. “By tailoring each lesson to the student’s unique learning style and abilities, they will have the maximum potential for success,” Grace shares. “I like to find ‘that thing’ that the student absolutely thrives on in their music and make it a priority so that they can be challenged to grow in their skills while still maintaining their passion.”

“I believe that as a teacher I am responsible for guiding my students in the art of technique, historical information, and general instruction, while creating an open and trusting environment that allows them bring their love of music to life.”

Grace has some great advice for her students. “Practice with a purpose and a goal. Find what gives you an escape in your musical studies and use it to fuel you through the parts that are challenging. And HAVE FUN!”

Grace loves listening to jazz, and her favorite composer to play is Chopin. Her second love after music is soccer. She loves all outdoor sports and activities, including hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. She knows how to drive a motorcycle and has been skydiving before.