Flora Georgieva

Voice, Harp, Music Theory, Songwriting, Production

Education and Awards:

  • B.A. in Popular Music from Falmouth University, United Kingdom
  • Diploma in Classical Singing, Opera and Harp from the National School of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria 

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • U.K.-based singer/songwriter/harpist
  • Public performer from an early age, including special events and shows at the local opera house
  • Regular performer at the Venetian Macao in China
  • Toured Europe under the pseudonym Floralyn George

Teaching experience: 

  • Private music instructor since 2016
  • Music theory presenter for the Academy of Contemporary Music, London
  • Vocal instructor at Richmond Music Trust, London

Flora started performing at an early age, at anything from special events in her hometown to shows at the opera house. She began her full-time career as a musician at the age of 18, playing regularly at the Venetian Macao in China. After a year, she moved back to Europe to start touring. In 2016, Flora moved to the UK where she started writing and performing her original music. She also began teaching students at that time, becoming the first harp teacher in the beautiful county of Cornwall. Two years later, Flora moved to London where she started teaching for Richmond Music Trust. 

Flora loves teaching online students from all over the world. She teaches voice, harp, piano, music theory, songwriting and production, and her styles vary across many genres, including pop, rock, soul, classical and electronic music—but she enjoys teaching in any genre her students prefer. “I want to encourage and inspire my students,” she shares. “I want them to leave our lessons with a strong will for creation and a passion to express their authentic selves. Music is a very healing process to me, and I think that young generations need more creativity.” Flora also believes music helps students develop practical skills like discipline and patience, which are extremely important for success in life.

Flora enjoys yoga, pilates and working out at the gym. She also loves dancing and riding horses. 

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