Christa Deana

Voice, Piano

Education and awards:

  • B.A. in Music Education, University of Valley Forge, cum laude
  • Singing, Acting, Dancing training from AGI Entertainment
  • Kindred Awards for Regional Christian Music award for Best R&B Artist in 2017
  • Kindred Awards for Regional Christian Music award for Artist of the Year in 2019

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Private music instructor for voice and piano
  • Teaches students virtually from all over the country
  • Former Theatre Director at the First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School
  • Taught voice and piano at Rock & Roll After School
  • Worked as a Production Coach at Recording Camp

Christa Deánā is an award-winning singer/songwriter, performer, actress, worship leader, and educator. An experienced performer herself, Christa Deánā teaches students in voice and piano across multiple genres, including pop, classical, Broadway, gospel and R&B. Christa Deánā has virtual students all over the world with whom she works to inspire and cultivate their confidence through healthy artistic expression. 

Christa Deánā views teaching as mentorship, and she aims to be present for her students both in and outside of lessons. “Never compare yourself to others,” she shares with her students. “You have something to offer the world that no one else does.”

Christa Deánā’s music is being played in 52 countries, including charting in the top 5 gospel music charts in Nigeria. In addition to writing her own music, she also collaborates with artists from other countries including Jamaica, Japan and Nigeria. Christa Deánā is signed to J Pervis Talent Agency and is performing in musicals and community events based in the Atlanta area. Her favorite project was The Sound of Music at the City Springs Theatre!

Fun fact: as a little girl, Christa Deánā auditioned to be “The Welch’s Girl” and made it to top 3!

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