Brandon Robold

Director of Business Development

Brandon Robold received a degree in Business Management with a minor in Music from Liberty University. With a wide variety of experience in different industries such as marketing, business development and analysis, church media and production, tour management, event planning, coordination and sales, he has worked for diverse clients such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Nestle, Purina Petcare, Starbucks Corporate, Cross Church, Backroad Anthem Music, Inc., and Zach Williams Music, Inc.

Brandon’s expertise is helping Metro Music Makers to establish better systems and processes to improve efficiency. He is also researching areas and regions to grow the business into new markets.

In addition to his role at Metro Music Makers, Brandon is on the road as the musical director and bass player for Christian artist Zach Williams, who he’s been working with for two years. Prior to that, Brandon was a part of a country band called Backroad Anthem for four years.

Brandon and his wife Jo Anna currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with their young children, Ellis and Evenlyn. “When not traveling and playing music, I enjoy being home with my family, relaxing and catching up on time with them,” Brandon shares. “We recently got into fishing, so we love doing that, playing outside and going to movies together.”