• Online Lesson Instructor

Violin, Piano, Voice

Aria J. Taboada began her journey with music at the age of 9, studying violin and piano. She began teaching lessons at 15 years old to pay for her own music lessons and now has well over 15 years of experience teaching violin and piano. She has performed with prestigious orchestras over the years, including a year with the Atlanta Youth Symphony, where she gained extensive knowledge on performing and music theory. Aria studied violin performance at Georgia State University and sat principal second violin in the Georgia State University Orchestra. Aria’s violin music has been featured on various albums, including Latin artist Seich Musica, and country artist Alison Nichols.

Though she enjoys performing, Aria’s real passion lies in teaching. She can teach students in the style of their preference, including classical, pop and rock. When teaching violin, she mixes the Suzuki and traditional methods to allow students to be able to sight-read and play by ear.

“I want to help my students meet their goals, whatever they are,” Aria says. “I have had students that wanted to be music majors, and I have had others who just wanted to have fun playing their favorite songs. Whatever the case may be, I want to instill a love of music in them.”

Besides music, AriaI loves the outdoors. On any day, you might find her bicycling, kayaking, hiking or running outside. She also loves playing with her dog Fable, who is a ball of energy!