Angelina Sherie

Violin, Voice

Education and awards:

  • Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University
  • Studied violin for 16 years

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Singer, songwriter and master violinist
  • Toured all over the U.S.
  • Released two albums: Glimpse and Joyride
  • Member of the band Simply Irresistible
  • Played in several symphony orchestras

Teaching experience: 

  • Private violin and voice instructor for several years
  • Assisted in workshops with the famous Atlanta violinist Ken 
  • Contract teacher for middle schools to teach orchestra students on improvising and playing by ear

A former instructor with Metro Music Makers who now resides in L.A., we are thrilled to welcome Angelina Sherie back as our Artist-in-Residence this summer. 

Angelina is a talented vocalist, master violinist and experienced music instructor who teaches violin and voice across all levels. She teaches violin across the musical styles of classical, jazz, hip hop, pop and rock, and teaches ear training techniques, rhythm techniques, finger patterns, vibrato and shifting. When it comes to voice training, she teaches breathing techniques, posture, scales, growing range, mix voice, head voice, chest voice, falsetto, low and high notes and vibrato. “I also include stage presence training because it’s important to feel comfortable on stage and let go of all the nerves,” she explains. ‘Then, you can conquer anything!”

Angelina loves watching her students growing in their craft and doing what they love. “The best advice I would give to my students is to remember the reason why you want to learn your instrument,” she shares. “When you have that connection, love and purpose attached to it, that’s what motivates you to get up every day to practice. And don’t ever give up. “

Angelina has played and offered backing vocals to artists such as Fantasia Barrino, Tyler Perry, Chrisette Michele, Kirk Franklin, Estelle and more. She has played on various TV award shows and even played on Oprah’s TV show Greenleaf. Her most fun performance experience though was singing at the New Orleans Superdome in front of thousands of people. 

Lest Angelina seem all work and no play though, she relaxes by making origami paper swans, and she loves to hula hoop! Angelina also loves to dance.