New Podcast: The Importance of Branding and Social Media for Indie Artists

Have you heard the news? Metro Music Makers has started a podcast!  We are bringing you even more educational, interesting and helpful information on all things music! Whether you’re a music student, a teacher, a musician, or just a lover of music, there is something on our show for you!


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In our latest podcast, The Importance of Branding and Social Media for Indie Artists, hosts Allison Jarrell and Mark Grundhoefer discuss the importance of branding as indie artists, as well as the use of social media to engage with fans. Allison and Mark share several of the do’s and don’ts based on their own experiences in building brand recognition and using social media platforms to connect with their audiences.


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The Metro Music Makers Podcast

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Hosts: Allison Jarrell and Mark Grundhoefer 

New episodes dropping Thursdays this fall!

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