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We have four full-length shows out now—wherever you listen to podcasts, you can find us! We’re taking a mini-break now to record, so we’ll have a full lineup of great shows for the fall. That means now is the perfect time to catch up on our first few shows! While you’re listening, be sure to rate and review us—and don’t forget to subscribe too, so you won’t miss out when new episodes start dropping again soon! 


The Metro Music Makers Podcast

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Hosts: Allison Jarrell and Mark Grundhoefer 

New episodes drop Thursdays this fall!


Current shows include:

I Did That Wrong and It Sounded Good
Guest Dr. Victor Ezquerra

Our Rock Band classes and camps are perfect for students who thrive in an immersive music learning environment. Many of our campers have little to no experience playing an instrument at the beginning of camp. By the end of one week, they are performing an entire rock show in front of an audience!

This episode reflects on our most recent rock band camp and how it relates to Dr. Victor’s research on immersive music learning in contrast to traditional music learning. Why do we believe that an immersive experience is crucial for developing musicianship? Listen to this episode to find out.


Learning How To Write Songs and Produce Them
Guest J.T. Lee

Today we are discussing the importance of creating music through songwriting and home production with J.T. Lee. J.T.’s roots are in jazz and improv which he honed as a young musician on saxophone. He has shared his gift for improvisation with our students on a variety of instruments including brass, woodwinds, guitar, bass and piano. In addition, many of J.T.’s students are writing and producing original songs which is how our songwriting and home production classes got started. These classes started during the pandemic which provided JT. with an opportunity to create the coolest online learning experience for these teens. In fact, These students have bonded and become one another’s biggest supporters. In this episode, You’ll get to hear J.T. talk about the dynamics between the students and what it’s like to teach teenagers how to write and produce their songs.


Setting the Record Straight: What is Music Therapy?
Guests Kristen Van Dyke and Annie Summar

We are so excited to have Kristen Van Dyke and Annie Summar on our show today. Both of these talented women are board-certified music therapists on staff here at Metro Music Makers, Also, Kristen Van Dyke is our Music Therapy Growth Coordinator. In this episode, we are discussing music therapy and dispelling some of the common myths about music therapy. Kristen and Annie define what music therapy is exactly, who is qualified to provide music therapy and who may benefit from music therapy. They also give us some examples of how music therapy is used in clinical practice to help individuals accomplish specific goals. If you have ever had any questions about music therapy and music therapists, then this is the episode for you.


Setting the Record Straight: Who Are Music Therapists?
Guests Kristen Van Dyke and Annie Summar

Join us for Part 2 of our music therapy discussion. In this episode, we’ll discover what it takes to become a board-certified music therapist.

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