Advantages of Summer Music Lessons

We’re headed from Spring to Summer over the next couple of weeks, and we LOVE our summer lessons. There are many advantages to taking summer music lessons, and here are just a few:

  1. Flexible Scheduling – We offer flexible scheduling during our 10-week summer session so that you may conveniently schedule summer music lessons around vacations, camps and other fun summer activities.
  2. Fun and Motivating – Summer is the perfect time to break from the routine and help the students learn music of their choice whether it be a song they heard on the radio or a challenging classical piece.
  3. Greater Focus– Without the worries of homework, sports games and practices, and other school-time activities, the students can devote time and attention to their summer music lessons and practice. Better focus leads to better practice!
  4. Time for Something New – Many of our students show interest in learning an additional instrument during the school year. Summer is the best time to try out a new instrument or two!
  5. No Backtracking – When students take a full summer break from their instruments, it only means one thing – time to backtrack in the Fall! Everyone knows that saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This is true in all disciplines including learning how to play an instrument. Instead of back tracking for the first month or two in the Fall, our students use their summer music lessons to keep making progress.

Our Summer Session begins on June 2, 2013. Visit our Summer Scheduling page for details about our summer music lessons and to submit your scheduling request at

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  1. My daughter really wants to start playing the piano. She is old enough now, that I think she will stay dedicated to it. I really like what you said about keeping kids in music lessons during the summer, so that they don’t backtrack and lose everything that they had already learned. I’ll be sure to keep her in lessons even when school is out, so that she can keep progressing.

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