Recording Made Simple

by Metro Music Makers instructor Dave Colquitt

When people typically think about recording, they envision a massive studio with a massive sound board and all the bells and whistles. But what if I told you it doesn’t take all of the professional gear to get a good recording? We’ve entered into this age of technology that allows us to record easily on our laptops and phones.

Apple products in particular are at the forefront of this technology. GarageBand is a digital audio workstation that is free and allows you to record, and it’s also accessible on your iPhone. You can record songs you’ve created with a simple USB microphone, the microphone on your laptop/phone, or through a microphone with an interface to allow you to connect it.

As far as getting the right sound, there are presets in each of the plugins (EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Delay, etc.) available for ease of use. But what if your song feels empty? How can you add an element that you don’t have access to? GarageBand has an array of instrument loops to add almost anything you can think of. However, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Too many additions will make the song too busy and distract listeners from any important parts.

If there are any troubleshooting problems, just look to the Internet. Answers to anything from how to get the sound going, to what plugins do and how to use them, all the way to how to mix and master your song are at your fingertips. When you’re ready to share the music you’ve created, SoundCloud is an excellent place for you to demo your songs for the world to hear. Uploading is simple, along with the ability to share your music across several social media platforms. Recording and producing music has never been easier than it is now. Never let expense or experience hold your creativity back. Go out there, make music, and share it.

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