Valentine Gifts for Your Favorite Musician or Music Lover!

by Metro Music Makers music therapist and instructor Kristen Van Dyke, LPMT, MT-BC

We have reached that time of year when both men and women attempt to find that perfect gift for their someone special. If your loved one is a musician or a music lover, this list is a must-see! Don’t fall FLAT this Valentine’s Day. . . consider giving the perfect NOTE-worthy, music-inspired present to your one and only (it will help you stay out of TREBLE. . . ok, I’m done).

Online Music Lessons: Has your loved one always wanted to learn an instrument, but just never taken the time? Metro Music Makers is now offering online lesson options to make scheduling more convenient than ever. Find more information and sign up here.

Online GarageBand Class: Does your Valentine enjoy writing music? Give them your love and support by enrolling them in this awesome new virtual class that will teach all about GarageBand, recording and sharing original music with the world! Find more information and sign up here.

Concert Tickets: Research when a favorite artist is coming to town, or just search local venues to pick out a great date night with live music! If the concert will not be around Valentine’s Day, create a cute certificate for your Valentine to open that gives them the details about a fun future night out!

Song Lyric Gifts: We all know how powerful song lyrics can be in expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Think of some of your favorite songs to listen to together and check out some of these cool gift ideas!


  • Song Collage: Feeling crafty? Take specific lines or verses from your favorite love songs and create a collage! This can be as fancy or simple as you want to make it. Think about arranging all of these lyrics in an order that is meaningful to you, or get those magazines and start clipping in true collage fashion. It’s amazing how lyrics from different songs can come together in the perfect way just for you.
  • Lyric Canvas: Feeling super crafty?? Take your favorite lyric or song title and create a canvas with the actual sheet music underneath!
  • Custom Lyric Art-Record Shape: Have your favorite lyrics turned into a contemporary graphic design in the shape of a record!


Tech Gifts: Surprise your Valentine with any of these tech gifts that will help them to enjoy music all over the home. There are lots of brand options, of course, but check out the links provided for an idea of how it can work in your home!

  • Showerhead Speaker: Syncs with any bluetooth device so you can have full concert in the shower. Perfect for those shower singers! 
  • Smart Light Bulb Speaker: Have music coming out of your lamp with this nifty bluetooth invention. With smartphone capabilities, listen to music from your lightbulbs and even set a time to be woken up with your lamp AND your music. 
  • Smart Home System:We have heard all about how the Amazon Echo and Google Home are transforming the way people live in their homes, but many don’t realize that these little systems are awesome for listening to music. 


Decor and Attire: Etsy has some great gifts for your musician or music lover! Here are some ideas that are ready for purchase or can inspire a DIY project of your own!


Have fun Chopin!



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  1. If your significant other loves music like mine, check out Rowkin for true wireless headphones. They have a buy one, get one free deal & the earbuds are awesome.. Perfect audio quality, small in size.. Great gift..

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