Tips for the singer with seasonal allergies

Ah-choo! Sniffle. Cough cough. It almost sounds rhythmic, but there’s nothing enjoyable about these sounds for the singer who is battling seasonal allergies. Even children and teenagers can be affected by the pollen and other allergens floating around the south this time of year. So do you just throw in the towel (or tissue)?

Nope, because you’ve got two of Metro Music Makers’ fabulous vocal teachers on standby to help you figure out how to keep your voice clear and strong – unless you like the Janis Joplin sound, of course.

Many thanks to Melissa Ellen and Chelsea Smith for sharing these tried and true suggestions for saving your voice:

1) Water. It sounds obvious, but it can’t be overstated. Hydration is the name of the game always, but especially when it comes to beating allergies.

2) Local honey. This is both preventative and reactive. A little bit of honey can soothe your throat (just don’t overdo it if you’re going to be singing immediately). And by going local, you also may reap the benefits of increased immunity from local bees. Pro tip: pair the honey with ginger tea to flush the active allergen out of your system and help heal the esophagus.

3) A scratchy, itchy, irritated throat from allergies can be remedied by using Singer’s Saving Grace from Herbs, Etc. (affiliate link).¬†Two squirts in the back of the throat, and you’re good for a couple of hours.

4) If your throat feels swollen, you can consider a prescription-level dose of ibuprofen to reduce inflammation (of course, always check with your doctor).

5) A voice rest can be helpful (and is your only option when it comes to laryngitis), but whatever you do, don’t whisper – it actually makes your voice box (larynx) work harder!

6) Did we mention water?!

Good luck to all of our vocalists trying to perform this spring. And if anyone figures out how to enjoy the beautiful flowers without all the accompanying yellow stuff, please let us know!

P.S. It’s probably obvious, but we aren’t doctors at Metro Music Makers, so please do seek medical advice for any acute or chronic issues you’re suffering from. Also exercise caution with any homeopathic remedies involving herbs (such as the Singer’s Saving Grace), in case of allergic reaction.

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