Metro Music Makers brings the joy of music to your school too!

Kristen Van Dyke, music therapist and instructor at Metro Music Makers, not only teaches private lessons, but also teaches music classes at schools in metro Atlanta. One such class is at Montessori Academy at Sharon Springs in Cumming.

On Friday mornings, Kristen teaches elementary-age students on the basics of musical notes and rhythm. She challenges the students to compose several of their own rhythm patterns, followed by a performance using instruments. The students have also been having fun checking out the concept of the show STOMP, an innovative music performance where everyday objects are used to create complex rhythms.

Kristen also teaches a junior high class at the school, and she recently challenged the students to create the background music for an original scene idea of their own which was a big hit with the students. “It was amazing to see each group use their strengths and use GarageBand to create music for a filmed scene or even a video game concept,” Kristen said. The students also showed their creativity in writing lyrics for a President’s Day Rap, where they shared what they would do if elected President of the United States. “As you can imagine, there were some interesting ideas!” Kristen reports.

If your preschool, private school, charter school or Montessori school is looking to add a music program to your offerings, reach out to us. We would love to bring the joy of music to your school!

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