Meet Our July Student of the Month: Joey Breen!

We are proud to announce our July Student of the Month: Joey Breen!

July 2016 Student of the Month Joey Breen
July 2016 Student of the Month Joey Breen

He was nominated by his teacher, Miss Sarah Cauthen, who says:

“He’s always taking on challenging music, practices on a regular basis, and seems to really enjoy making music. He was my first-ever student with Metro, and I have seen him progress very quickly in just a couple of years. His piano playing is always very sensitive and musical because he pays attention to the details.”

Joey is 10 years old, and has also just begun playing saxophone at school, where his favorite subject is science. He’s also an athlete who plays football, basketball, baseball and soccer, enjoys video games and reading. Joey came in 2nd place in his school’s “Battle of the Books” competition this year!

Here’s what Joey has to say about why he loves learning piano:

“I love music because I like listening to it.  Also, I like the piano because it is easy to copy songs from the radio. Finally, I love taking lessons because it helps me to get better and I want to be good.  I do all of that because it relaxes me.”

Congratulations, Joey! We are proud to have you in our Metro Music Makers family.

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  1. Your Grandmother from Nashville is extra proud of you. Not only are you good in music., but you have a very kind heart. Keep up the good work. You make your family very proud. Love you, Tita

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