Meet our May Student of the Month: Matthew Meeker!

We’d like to introduce you to our May Student of the Month: Matthew Meeker!May Student of the Month: Matthew Meeker
Matthew was nominated by his teacher, Mr. J.T. Lee. Here’s what Mr. J.T. has to say about why he nominated Matthew:
“Matthew earned his place as student of the month back in March when he was the first guitar player in MMM history to attempt the improv track of the Federation Festival. Not only did he do exceedingly well, but he received a perfect score!”
Matthew Meeker is a rising 9th grader at Kings Ridge Christian School.  He enjoys playing basketball, participated on the MS Track team, and PC gaming with his friends. He is also expanding his interests in computer science. Matthew has had a successful academic year, making headmaster’s list, representing Kings Ridge in the local spelling bee and history bee. This summer, he plans to participate in a Duke TIP summer camp at the University of Georgia. He has 3 dogs – a Boxer, Chihuahua and Mastiff.
Here’s what Matthew has to say about his love of music:
“Music is the most fun and challenging thing that I’ve ever attempted, and I love it because it’s a way for me to get away from everything else. One day I hope to use my skills to start a band with my friends and tour the world.”
We can’t wait to be the first in line to buy tickets to that show! Join us in congratulating Matthew on being our student of the month, and check back with us in June to see who our next student of the month will be!

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