We've Got Big Plans for 2014!

Behind the scenes, here at Metro Music Makers, we are buzzing about the New Year!  Happy New Year 2014

2013 was a whirlwind of new ideas, excitement, and extraordinary engagement from our students, families, teachers, staff and community. Our students were inspired to perform in record numbers, our teachers and staff have displayed remarkable creativity and dedication, and we’ve been aspiring to bigger and better things than ever before.

So, carrying all of this wonderful energy with us from the year we’re leaving behind, what are we dreaming up for 2014?
We’re so glad you asked.

Here are just a few of our big ideas for the coming year:

– We’ll be developing and expanding our Music Therapy program in brand new ways, so that we can offer the unique benefits of Music Therapy to more children with a variety of diagnoses in new settings.

– Look for our social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and yes, this blog) to grow and improve exponentially in 2014. We’ll be offering more (and better!) ways for you to connect and communicate with us, and sharing more ways for you to connect with the world of music, performance, therapy and education.

– We’re brainstorming new possibilities for standardizing our music education program and creating objectives for students to achieve, while still preserving the individuality of each student’s unique goals, learning style, and process.

– Our teachers will be getting even more opportunities for continued education through Metro Music Makers! We introduced a series of workshops in 2013 on topics like learning style, choosing repertoire for students, and ways to grow as a teacher. Our teachers strive to offer the highest quality education for their students, so we are continuing to match their enthusiasm with our own by offering them as many opportunities for growth and excellence as possible.

In short, we are fired up for 2014, and we can’t wait to see you there.

With Enthusiasm and Anticipation,
Allison Boyd, MT-BC, President &
Sara R. Guinn, M.M.Ed, MT-BC, Community Relations Manager and Music Therapy Specialist

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