When I ask students how they think Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, or Eric Clapton got so good, they usually respond with something along the lines of “because they’re amazing,” or “they were just born with talent.” While these things are true, ALL successful artists need practice and coaching.

The instructors at Metro Music Makers have extensive experience teaching a broad range of guitar lessons to students of all skill levels. Whether it’s strumming barre chords, shredding rock guitar, fingerpicking, improvising, or songwriting, MMM’s instructors have provided high quality guitar lessons to beginner guitar players and advanced players. We work with students of all ages, including young children, in order to give them a good foundation, improve their guitar techniques, and discover their best talents. We can help you prepare for auditions, stage performances, college program auditions, forming bands, and more!

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing excellent guitar instruction to our clients in their homes. Now, it can be even easier for you to learn to play the guitar through your phone, tablet, or computer!

With our online guitar lessons, you can easily and effectively learn to play your axe conveniently—anytime and anywhere. While YouTube or apps like Fender Play are useful, they lack the engagement, feedback, and personally tailored instruction of a teacher. Metro Music Makers instructors make high-quality, one-on-one learning accessible to any and all students. 

Who are Metro Music Makers’ online guitar lessons for?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from our online guitar lessons! If you’re a traveling professional or busy student, a stay-at-home or work-from-home parent, or you head into the office every day, our online guitar lessons can allow you to advance your child’s—or your own—music education without having to sit in traffic, use up gas, or waste precious time driving. You can choose the time and place that works for YOU!

Skip the impersonal online videos uploaded by amateurs. Learn how to play guitar correctly from a trained professional who will teach you what you need to know, and any other guitar tricks, styles, or techniques you want to be proficient in. Our talented team has experience working with all ages of music students, from kids to adults. We also have certified instructors who can work with special needs students. We have no doubt that our online guitar lessons are for everyone. If you’re just a beginner that wants to learn the basics, or a seasoned guitarist that wants to improve the quality of your pickin’, we can help!

What do I need to take online guitar lessons from Metro Music Makers?

All you need is a computer or tablet, an internet connection, and your guitar. That’s it! We also recommend headphones or earbuds, if what’s going on at home can be distracting. In addition, your teacher might recommend some other resources (books, music, picks, tuner, etc.) for you to purchase over the course of your lessons to maximize the quality of your learning and playing. 

What do Metro Music Makers’ online guitar lessons look like? 

Our online guitar lessons are always customized specifically to you and your needs. We start by selecting the best teacher and day/time for the student. This is decided based on your musical interests, skill level and ambitions. All these decisions craft a learning experience that is effective, well-organized, and, of course, fun!

All of our guitar instructors teach personalized lessons to students across all genres of music and styles of playing. Furthermore, all of our online guitar instructors have completed our Online Lesson Training Course, so they’re ready and capable to provide high-quality, personable, virtual lesson environments for all our online guitar students. 

Why should we consider online guitar lessons with Metro Music Makers?

One of the biggest benefits of online guitar lessons is the convenience. In-person lessons are typically in a studio or in a home; this can totally disrupt a family’s busy schedule since the lesson involves driving. Also, many people don’t necessarily want to have someone come into their house or have to go over to someone else’s house for lessons. There is valuable time and effort required outside of the guitar lesson itself, and this time and effort comes from the student and their family. Both the student and their family can definitely think of better ways to use their time and effort than worrying about the logistical side of a music lesson.  

Online guitar lessons are the least hindrance to the family’s day. Family members can go about with homework, making dinner, cleaning or relaxing while the student takes their lesson. Metro Music Makers’ online lessons take our (already convenient) music education and make them even more convenient, comfortable and accessible by teaching them online. In choosing online guitar lessons through Metro Music Makers, parents and family members don’t have to sacrifice education quality, yet also benefit from adding time to the day. 

Are there any other benefits to online guitar lessons? 

Absolutely! One of the greatest advantages is the ability to take guitar lessons online with Metro Music Makers anytime and anywhere. You are not restrained to only learning from teachers in your geographical location! Now guitar students aren’t limited by where they reside, or who is available to teach guitar in their area. Our guitar teachers are ready and willing to teach when the student is home, on vacation, or abroad! This allows us to offer consistent, ongoing lessons for families who might be on the move (because of work, travel, shared households, changing schedule, etc.) but still want regularly occurring lessons. 

Online guitar lessons create exciting new educational environments that allow for different times and easy access to digital resources. Learning tools such as music, videos, online games, production software, custom-made jam tracks, etc. are right at the click of a mouse and ready to share. Professional musicians are now able to work beyond traditional boundaries constrained by time or location. Guitar instructors can teach anytime—morning, afternoon, night—as long as both the teacher and student agree upon it. Families don’t have to inconveniently wait for dinner, or deal with hosting a teacher at their house. This means top-notch instructors can be available to educate more students and teach more lessons, because there is no commute. Metro Music Makers can continue providing all the fantastic music education we have for over two decades, but without a lot of the hassle!

How will my child respond to Metro Music Makers’ virtual guitar lessons?

Screen-based learning is natural for the contemporary student, even if older generations dislike it. An enormous part of our culture (including education) is learned on a screen, day after day. The circumstances brought about by COVID-19 forced nearly every facet of our society to change, and Metro Music Makers adapted to those changes as well. While one might think that families immediately switched back to in-home lessons, many decided to stay online. They made this change because of the conveniences mentioned above, but also because many of them mentioned the student(s) were more engaged by the online lessons. This anecdotal evidence is backed up by an MIT study examining traditional vs online education, which found that “the amount learned is somewhat greater than in the traditional lecture-based course,” and that “online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60%.” Our online guitar students seem more engaged and are also more likely to continue taking lessons. 

Our online guitar students constantly surprise us. Their commitment to preparation and practice, technique, and virtual recitals gives them a sense of agency and awareness to their musicianship. Because online music students are more likely to recognize and work on their own improvement, they take more responsibility in their music education. Instead of just allowing it to happen “to them,” our students assume ownership over their learning by logging on, communicating, and working with their instructor, tracking their musical goals, completing assignments, and meeting deadlines—all on their own. Of course, our instructors are there to guide, support, and facilitate learning, but the increased level of responsibility the online guitar students take on is sure to transfer to other areas of their lives. 

What about recitals and performance opportunities for online students? 

Live performance is a fundamental part of the growth of a musician. Thankfully, our online students do not have to forego the opportunity to perform for an audience! Parents, students, and teachers love the online recital platform we have created. Many favor the online recitals to traditional recitals because the logistics are easier, family members from out-of-town can attend, and students feel more comfortable in their own environment. Guitar students have the option to pre-record their recital video, but are encouraged to stream the performance live. When recital time arrives, families join a Zoom meeting with other Metro Music Makers students, teachers, and families. The recitals include Metro Music Makers students of all ages, instruments, and styles from all over the region. Each student performs their piece and also takes part in a quick Q&A session with the recital host.

All of our students do a wonderful job participating in and learning from the virtual recitals. The students who recorded their performances ahead of time get to hear and watch themselves perform. Not only can they get deeper insight into their musicianship, they also get to see how supportive the audience is and soak in the performance. Frequently, our guitar students improve after seeing themselves on film because they can provide their own constructive criticism. 

What else should I know about online guitar lessons with Metro Music Makers?

Our team is here to help you get started with your online guitar lessons right away! Our teachers can’t wait to help you or your child learn how to play guitar and perform. You can fill out the form below, call (877-794-5037 toll-free), or email (info@metromusicmakers.com) to kick off the simple process of getting paired with an online guitar teacher who is right for you!

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