For over two decades now, Metro Music Makers has been bringing quality music instruction to our clients in their own homes, and now you don’t even have to get up to answer the door and let in your instructor!

With our online music lessons, you can have the convenience of lessons anytime and anywhere, but with the same high quality, one-one-one educational experience you’ve come to expect from Metro Music Makers, all done via a video chat with a highly trained professional instructor.

Who are Metro Music Makers’ online music lessons for?

Whether you’re a student with a lot of commitments, a professional who travels for work, a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom or dad, or even a grandparent who doesn’t like to drive much, online lessons with Metro Music Makers free you from the hassle of hitting the road for one more activity, and allow you to further your child’s or your own musical education at a time and place that works for YOU.

Our talented team of instructors has worked with everyone from young children to older adults, and we are certain that whether you’re just beginning to learn how to play or you are a musician who is looking for an extra boost, our online music lessons are for you!

What do I need to have to take online music lessons from Metro Music Makers?

All you need is a computer or tablet, an Internet connection and your instrument, and you’ll be ready to make music. We offer online lessons for guitar, piano, voice, bass, violin, ukulele, drums, woodwind, brass, songwriting and home recording, in any and all styles of music. 

What do Metro Music Makers’  online music lessons look like?

Our team will work to create a weekly lesson that will be completely customized for you, including the lesson time, the music teacher who will be the best fit for you and your skill level, and the type of music you wish to pursue. We have instructors who teach personalized lessons to students across all instruments, genres of music, and styles of teaching. In addition, all of our instructors have gone through our Online Lesson Training Course in order to provide a high quality and personable live virtual lesson environment for our students.

Why should we consider online music lessons with Metro Music Makers?

Online music lessons are the most convenient type of lesson. In-person lessons, whether at a studio or in your own home, tend to disrupt the flow of a family’s daily routine when things have to come to a grinding halt— either to drive to a lesson, or to quickly pick up the house to welcome in a teacher. Then there is the time lost for the parent and siblings while the student is taking lessons… Even when parents can carry along a laptop or catch up on calls, it’s hard to conduct business or have a conversation over the symphony of educational sounds pouring through the studio. Many parents in this situation soon realize that they are losing precious time they need to accomplish any number of things. Even in-home lessons can cost the parent valuable time, and can be stressful for other family members who have to keep quiet or stay out of the way.

Online music lessons, however, are the least hindrance to the family’s day. Parents can simply send a child to the lesson on the computer while they are finishing housework, helping other siblings with homework, or maybe even enjoying a good book—and younger siblings aren’t riled up by the stranger in the house. All in all, online music lessons have taken our already convenient form of music education to an even more comfortable level. Parents can reap the benefits of added time without sacrificing educational quality by choosing online lessons with Metro Music Makers.

Are there any other benefits to your online music lessons?

Absolutely! For one, you can take online lessons from Metro Music Makers anywhere, anytime, from a teacher in your own town, another state, or even in another country! Students aren’t limited anymore by their geographical location or the teachers available in their area. Our teachers are available to reach students from any part of the world! This means military families, families moving for work, or students who move households between divorced parents can still have a form of normalcy.

Online lessons also open up new times for our teachers to teach. Musicians are no longer limited to the small window between the end of school and the close of business hours. They can teach as early or as late as they and the students are comfortable. In addition, parents no longer have to host teachers in their home at late hours that aren’t really comfortable for anyone. Without commutes, top teachers are also now able to open up more spots to take on students, resulting in students getting a better education from top teachers.

How will my child respond to Metro Music Makers’ virtual lessons?

Screen-based learning is natural for today’s students. Even in the classroom, students are still learning on a screen at times. The truth is that screens are a natural way for students to learn in today’s society, and despite our feelings on that, our kids enjoy it. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, when we had to take all of our students to a virtual music lesson model, many of our families found students more engaged in their lessons. In fact, an MIT study examining online versus traditional education states that “the amount learned is somewhat greater than in the traditional lecture-based course,” and that “online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60%.” Students are not only more engaged, but they are staying in lessons more often when they are happening online. 

Students are also continuing to grow in new ways that we never expected. Online lessons take a higher level of commitment to self-preparation and practice, and students are more likely to realize the areas they need to grow as a result of online performances. Many students have had to learn to self-educate, since they can no longer completely rely on teachers to just show them, or do it for them. Students are taking more responsibility for their own musical education. They have to log in to lessons, communicate with teachers, track their own goals, execute assignments on their own, and meet recording deadlines. Online music education has taught many of our students a new level of responsibility that undoubtedly will transfer to other areas of their lives.

What about recitals and performance opportunities for students taking virtual lessons with Metro Music Makers? 

We believe performing for an audience is an important part of growth for our students, and our online students do not have to sacrifice this opportunity! To maintain the normal flow of lessons to performances, we have created a platform for online recitals that has proven in many cases to be both more comfortable for the student and more enjoyable for the audience than traditional recitals. Students are given the option to stream live or to pre-record their performances. Then at their recital time, they log onto a Zoom call with other Metro Music Makers’ students from all over the region and either perform live online, or host their pre-recorded performance.

Our students do a wonderful job in these virtual recitals. Many of our musical theater students perform significantly better this way—undoubtedly because they are more comfortable and, if needed, can do multiple takes. They showcase not just their musical talents, but their acting skills as well. Songwriting students are able to perfect their songs, and improv students learn to stay with their tracks and understand form. Using previously recorded performances also means that students have to hear themselves perform—something that’s not even fun for professional musicians but allows for self-reflection. Because of this, many of our students seek to get better after they see themselves on film.

What else should I know about online music lessons with Metro Music Makers? 

We are standing by to help you get started right away! Our music teachers can’t wait to help you or your child learn how to play. You can fill out the form below, or simply call (877-794-5037 toll-free) or email ( to begin the simple process of getting paired with a music teacher who is right for you!

Wondering if online lessons are for you? Check out this blog post about all the benefits of online music education.

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    Lessons for saxophone, woodwinds, ukulele and bass are also available, as well as lessons in home recording and songwriting.