Trae Berry

Guitar, Piano

Education and awards:

  • Recording Technologies degree from Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

Notable roles/performance experience:

  • Member of the Atlanta music scene since 2017, playing shows with his band The Vinyl Suns
  • Member of 3 bands
    • Lead Guitar for a band called Maxine Greene 
    • Lead Guitar for a band called Kelly Romo 
    • Bass Guitar in The Vinyl Suns

Teaching experience: 

  •  4 years of teaching experience across two different companies

Trae has been playing guitar around Atlanta for six years, and teaching for four. In addition to playing in three bands regularly, Trae is owner and founder of Nature Boy Studios, located in Peoplestown, Atlanta. Nature Boy Studios is a small studio that mainly specializes in vocal recordings, as well as audio production and editing.

Self-described as a “bit more of a modern player,” Trae also enjoys being diverse with the instrument. “I have a good knowledge of a lot of popular songs written over the past 50 years as well as some classics, including Beethoven and Bach. He is quite diverse with his bass playing and instructing, and also plays and teaches beginner to intermediate piano.

Trae believes in giving his students a safe place to learn. “It is not a race to become the best, and I make sure my students know that it is okay to take it slow.” 

Outside of music, soccer is probably Trae’s biggest passion. “It is my chance to disconnect from the music world for a little bit when I play,” he explains.