Metro Music Makers believes in music’s power to transform lives and change futures.

Inspiring Together

Inspiring Together is a non-profit started by one of Metro Music Makers’ own students! Anooj Deval and his friends started Inspiring Together to provide tutoring to children in foster care, and they most recently added music tutoring as a part of their program. Metro Music Makers is honored to provide instruments to Inspiring Together, which then are loaned to the students in foster care while they are receiving music tutoring from Anooj Deval and the other high school students.

Benefit Concerts

Each year, Metro Music Makers hosts a benefit concert, with proceeds directed toward a charity or cause that our staff believes is worthwhile. Teachers and students perform, and family, friends and the community at-large are invited to attend and make a donation to the cause. We believe that music is a force for good, and we love to use our music to do more good!

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