New Music Video by Teacher Angelina Barrett Stars Metro Music Makers Student Anna Anderson

Metro Music Makers instructor Angelina Barrett just released a new music video, and while we think it’s amazing on its own, the fact that it also stars a Metro Music Makers student has us hitting replay on the regular.

The song, called “Can’t Find Myself,” is from Angelina’s latest album Glimpse (available on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music platforms). “The song is about how when we go through life, we can sometimes allow certain influences to change who we are,” Angelina shares. “And in realizing that, I had to go and find myself and who I was meant to be.”

Angelina invited several of her friends, as well as her student Anna Anderson, to be a part of the dramatic music video, much of it filmed atop Arabia Mountain in Lithonia.

“The people in the video represent how we are not alone, and that people in every walk of life are all on journeys. No matter how big or small, we aren’t alone,” Angelina explains. “The people in the video are all my friends, and of course, one of my students, Anna. She did amazing. She is to talented, and I wanted her to be a part of it.”

Anna speaks positively of the experience as well. “It was so much fun and exciting. It was really eye-opening and inspiring. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever gotten to do. The sights on the mountain were absolutely breathtaking!”

Anna studies voice under Angelina. “Ever since I met her, she was instantly my main motivator. She always tells me that I’m amazing and to try again. With her help, I have progressed so much in my singing,” Anna brags on her teacher.

Angelina also has a new single coming out in just a couple of days, so stay tuned. We’re all keeping a watch on Angelina’s career — one day, we’ll be saying we knew her when! But for now, check out her incredible music video below!

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