March Student of the Month: Megan Wang

That’s right! Our Student of the Month feature is back. This month, we’re honoring Megan Wang, who

March Student of the Month, Megan Wang
March Student of the Month, Megan Wang

was nominated by her teacher, Mr. Brentley Cauthen. This is what Mr. Brentley has to say about why he thought Megan deserved the title:

“Megan is a hard working student who always is ready to go with a smile and a great attitude. She finds enjoyment in every song we work on is always willing to dig into the details to make the music really shine.”

Megan is 8 years old, and gets her talent and love of music from her mother, who also plays piano. Her father says that she loves playing piano because it brings her joy. Mr. Brentley tells us that her favorite pieces to play are the ones that include fun student/teacher duets.

Megan is multi-talented, too! She also tap dances and loves swimming. She has just started competing in regional swim meets, and we’re sure that with her hard work and positive outlook, she’ll go far in everything she tries.

Congratulations, Megan! We’re proud to have you in our Metro Music Makers family.


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