September Student of the Month: Kaylee Chang!

Meet our September Student of the Month, Kaylee Chang!  Kaylee was nominated by her teacher, Miss Sara Longwell. Miss Sara says:

“Kaylee is an amazing student, and I am so grateful to be able to teach her. She has a natural gift for piano, is always curious and asks truly

Kaylee Chang
September Student of the Month, Kaylee Chang (9)

insightful questions about how music works, and what’s next. She’s always looking ahead in her books and trying all of the more advanced pieces and then asking me about them the next week. All of that talent is just rocket-powered by her outstanding willingness to work hard (she practices nearly every single day), and her wonderful, positive attitude. She’s never discouraged when a piece takes a little extra work, and is always ready to roll up her sleeves and try again. I’m very, very proud of her,and she is going to become an amazing musician who has a real love of music and her instrument.”

Kaylee says she likes piano, because “it is a nice instrument, and it teaches kids how to read music in a fun way!” We asked her what her favorite things about music are, and she told us that “It sounds nice, and you can imagine stuff about your feelings and it makes you feel some emotions like happy, sad, mad and scared.”

Piano isn’t the only thing Kaylee loves. She’s also into “karate, drawing, reading, math, science, magic, sports (football, baseball and riding bike) and I love playing with my little brother and cousin.” Speaking of which, you may have seen Kaylee performing “Happiness Runs” in an outstanding duet with her cousin, Aaron at our Sweet! event in Roswell recently. She also participated in the Federation Festival for the first time last year and received a Superior rating.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Kaylee, and we look forward to introducing you to our October Student of the Month in November!



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