Nita McKoy-Hamm

Staff Categories Instruments Locations Office Manager Education and awards: Notable roles/performance experience: Teaching experience:  A lifelong musician, Nita started performing in public for graduations, assemblies, chorus productions and musical theater when she was just in high school, where she was also voted Most Talented. Nita also performed as a singer in weddings and as one … Read more

Julie Tiemann

Staff Categories Instruments Locations Communications Director Education: Professional experience: After working for over a decade in Public Relations at a non-profit serving children and families, and side-hustling as a freelance writer, Julie transitioned to writing full-time. She enjoys writing for small businesses, non-profits and faith-based organizations.   Julie studied music throughout her childhood and performed … Read more

Joni Tapp

Staff Categories Instruments Locations Administrative Assistant Education: Joni is very detail-oriented, making her a wonderful fit for our admin team. “Spreadsheets are my favorite!” she enthuses.  A musician herself, Joni has many years of experience in church music, including singing in and directing choirs and leading worship. “I love music!” she shares. “I think it provides such … Read more

Allison Jarrell

Staff Categories Instruments Locations Our founder and president Allison Jarrell founded Metro Music Makers in 2002 as a private Atlanta-based music studio offering in-home music lessons. In addition to overseeing a variety of instructors in the Metro Music Makers community, she is a board-certified Music Therapist licensed in the State of Georgia. Originally from Easley, … Read more

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