Metro Music Makers can partner with your school to bring a high quality, customizable music program to your students.

Whether you’re a preschool, or a public, charter, private or Montessori school, we offer classes both during school and after school for everyone from preschool through high school. Our school programs are led and supervised by our team of music therapists and instructors who foster individuality, creativity and the pursuit of excellence through music learning. We believe that a high-quality music education provides children with cognitive, social and behavioral benefits that last a lifetime.

We offer four primary services in our partnering schools.

General Music Curriculum

Interested in a weekly general music class for your school? Our music teachers can introduce concepts such as rhythm, music notation, instrument families, solfege, music listening, composers and more through a variety of lessons, group projects and cross-curricular activities.

Music and Movement Classes

In these classes, our music teachers lead activities that expose children to the benefits of early childhood music, work on language skills, social skills, reinforcing academic concepts, improving motor skills and more! Classes are typically held once per week, depending on the schedule and needs of the school.

On-Campus Private Lessons

Just like receiving a private lesson at home or in a music studio, a music teacher can provide private lessons on campus during or immediately following the school day. We find that this model works well with our partnering schools—allowing students to take a break, have a music lesson, and then return to their day with renewed focus. 

Our music teachers have the necessary experience and training to teach instrument skills to very young children and can provide this convenient service to students on campus where they already are. 

Special Programming

Looking for a one-off, fun musical event for your students? Our music teachers can offer fun experiences like a musical petting zoo, where children learn about and get to touch a variety of instruments. Have a particular theme for the month? Our music teachers can design a fun set of group musical activities around your theme to help reinforce concepts and excite your students.

For more information about our school programs, please call 678-921-3491, or email us at for more details.