Metro Music Makers can partner with your school to bring a high quality, customizable music program to your students.

Whether you’re a preschool, or a public, charter, private or Montessori school, we offer classes both during school and after school for everyone from preschool through high school. Our school programs are led and supervised by our team of music therapists (for our Montessori schools, due to their backgrounds in child development) and instructors who foster individuality, creativity and the pursuit of excellence through music learning. We believe that a high-quality music education provides children with cognitive, social and behavioral benefits that last a lifetime.

We offer the following programs in schools. We will come to your location, and we will even supply a keyboard if you do not have a piano on site.

  1. General Music Curriculum
  2. Private Lessons (can be during or after school; instrument offerings are varied)
  3. Jazz and Orchestral Band Programs (typically including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion (snare kit) and electric bass)
  4. Choral Programs
  5. Musical Theatre Programs
  6. Rock Band Programs
  7. Pre-K Hands-On Music Classes (provide an introduction to musical concepts, instruments and activities that enhance language development, listening skills, auditory discrimination, social understanding and personal discovery)
  8. Group Guitar
  9. Group Ukulele