Some people say that singers are just born with a natural ability, but we think anyone can express themselves through singing with our expert coaching and some practice.

Our instructors focus on the essential elements to learn how to sing—vocal health, breath control, pitch and tone quality, vocal strength and stamina, and stage presence—to help our students sing their favorite styles, whether it’s rock, pop, Broadway, opera, R&B or country. We work with students of all ages, including children, in order to give them a good foundation, help them improve their vocal range, and discover their best talents. We can help you prepare for auditions, stage performances, college program auditions and more!

For over two decades now, we’ve been bringing quality voice instruction to our clients in their own homes, and now it’s even easier as we bring the lessons to a screen near you! 

With our online voice lessons, you can benefit from the convenience of voice lessons anytime and anywhere, conducted with a highly trained, professional  Metro Music Makers voice instructor without sacrificing the high quality, one-one-one educational experience that Metro Music Makers offers all our students.

Who are Metro Music Makers’ online voice lessons for?

There is no limit to who can benefit from our online voice lessons! Whether you’re a busy student or a traveling professional, a stay-at-home or work-from-home parent, or you head into the office every day, our online voice lessons can allow you to further your child’s—or your own—music education without having to hit the road for one more activity. You can choose the time and place that works for YOU!

Skip the YouTube videos aimed at vocal training and instead learn how to sing correctly from a trained professional who will teach you the basics, including warming up, breathing correctly, vocal exercises, performance tips and more!. Our talented team at Metro Music Makers has experience working with children and adults of all ages, including children with special needs. We are certain that our online voice lessons are for you, whether you’re looking for beginner lessons to learn how to sing, or you’re a vocalist who wants to up your game.

What do I need to have to take online voice lessons from Metro Music Makers?

All you need is a computer or tablet, an Internet connection and your piano or keyboard, and you’ll be ready to make music. Some students also  find that headphones or wireless earbuds are helpful, especially if there are a lot of  family members around during the lesson. In addition, your teacher will recommend leveled  books or pieces for you to purchase over the course of your lessons with Metro Music Makers.

What do Metro Music Makers’  online voice lessons look like?

Our online voice lessons are always customized personally just for you. Our team will work to craft the best plan for your situation, including the day and time for lessons, the voice teacher who will be the best fit for you and your skill level, and the type of music you wish to sing. This will allow you to learn while singing songs that you love—even popular songs! 

All of our vocal coaches teach personalized voice lessons to students across all genres of music and styles of teaching. In addition, all of our online voice instructors have completed our Online Lesson Training Course to learn how to provide a high quality and personable live virtual lesson environment for all our online voice students.

Why should we consider online voice lessons with Metro Music Makers?

Online lessons are the most convenient type of voice lesson. In-person voice lessons—whether in a studio or even in your own home—can disrupt the flow of a family’s daily routine when things have to come to a grinding halt to drive to a lesson—or to quickly tidy up the house to welcome in a voice teacher. There is also the time lost for the parent and siblings while the student’s voice lesson is happening. Even when parents can use the time to catch up on calls or work on a laptop, the symphony of educational sounds pouring through the music studio can make it challenging to conduct business or have a conversation. Many parents in this situation can become frustrated when they realize that they are losing precious time they need to accomplish any number of things. Even in-home voice lessons, while more convenient than studio lessons, can cost the parent valuable time preparing the house. In-person lessons can also be stressful for other family members who have to stay out of the way or keep quiet while the voice lesson is happening.

Online voice lessons are the least hindrance to the family’s day. Parents can simply send a child to the voice lesson on the computer while they are taking on other tasks. They may get to finish up housework, help other siblings with homework, or maybe even enjoy a good book—and siblings can also keep their routines going.. All in all, Metro Music Makers’ online lessons have taken our already convenient form of music education to an even more convenient and comfortable level for voice students. In choosing online voice lessons with Metro Music Makers, parents don’t have to sacrifice education quality while reaping  the benefits of added time.

Are there any other benefits to your online voice lessons?

Yes! One of the greatest advantages is being able to take voice lessons online with Metro Music Makers anywhere and anytime. This means you are not limited to teachers in your geographical location! Now voice students aren’t limited anymore by where they live or what vocal coaches are available in their area. Our voice teachers are available to teach students no matter where they live—or visit—in the world! This means we can offer a sense of normalcy for music education to families who might have unusual living situations, such as families who move for work, or military families —or students whose families travel often, or who have to move households between divorced parents.

Online voice lessons also create new teaching opportunities for our teachers—allowing them to offer additional and different times for lessons. Professional musicians are no longer limited to teaching hours in the small window between the end of school and the end of business hours in their particular time zone. Voice teachers can teach as early or as late as they and the students are available. And parents no longer have to host voice teachers in their home at hours that are late or inconvenient for the life of their family. Without the time it takes to commute to homes or even a studio, top vocal coaches are also now able to open up more spots to take on students, resulting in voice students getting a better education from excellent teachers.

How will my child respond to Metro Music Makers’ virtual voice lessons?

Screen-based learning is natural for today’s students, even if we parents may not love it. Students are even learning on a screen at times during the school day . During the COVID-19 lockdown, we had to take all of our students to a virtual music lesson model. To our surprise, many of our parents reported their students were more engaged in their lessons when they moved online. This anecdotal evidence is backed up by an MIT study examining traditional vs online education, which found that “the amount learned is somewhat greater than in the traditional lecture-based course,” and that “online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60%.” Not only are online voice students more engaged, but when they participate virtually,  they are also continuing with lessons more often.

We are also seeing our online voice students grow in new ways that continue to surprise us. Online singing lessons take a greater level of commitment of preparation and practice with vocal exercises, and virtual recitals have helped our online voice students be more likely to recognize the areas they need to grow as a result of their performances online. Online voice students are taking more responsibility for their own musical education. From logging on to their voice lessons, communicating with their  teacher, tracking their own musical goals, executing assignments on their own and meeting deadlines, our students are taking ownership instead of just letting it happen to them. The new level of responsibility that many of our students have taken on with online voice lessons assuredly will transfer to other areas of their lives.

What about recitals and performance opportunities for students taking virtual voice lessons with Metro Music Makers? 

We believe having our voice students perform for an audience is an important part of their growth. Thankfully, our online voice students do not have to sacrifice this opportunity! We have created a platform for online recitals that is very popular among both students and parents. In many cases, it has proven to be both more comfortable for the voice student and more enjoyable for the audience than traditional recitals. Voice students are encouraged to stream live, but are also given the option to pre-record their performances. When it is time for their recital, students log onto a Zoom call with other Metro Music Makers’ students studying all sorts of instruments from all over the region. Then they either perform their pieces live online, or introduce their pre-recorded performance and participate in a Q&A session with the recital host.

Our voice students do a wonderful job in these virtual recitals and even learn from them. Those students that share previously recorded performances have to hear themselves perform—something that’s not always fun for even professional vocalists, but allows for self-reflection. Because of this, many of our voice students seek to get better after they see themselves on film.

What else should I know about online voice lessons with Metro Music Makers? 

We are here to help you get started with your online voice lessons right away! Our teachers can’t wait to help you or your child learn how to sing and perform. You can fill out the form below, call (877-794-5037 toll-free), or email ( to start the simple process of getting paired with an online voice teacher who is right for you!

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