After years of experience hosting a Federation Festival every spring at Metro Music Makers, we are thrilled to announce an additional assessment opportunity just for guitar and bass students.The idea for this assessment event stemmed out of a desire for parents to have some way to measure their child’s improvement on the guitar. But beyond evaluating their progress, participation can teach responsibility, creativity, and follow-through, and it’s a great addition to college applications. Plus, it allows students to get another teacher’s perspective, which is always helpful.

The Metro Music Makers Guitar Comps and Evaluation Program will assess a student’s musical abilities across a range of skills, including basic knowledge (scales), ability (technique), and creativity (improvisation and musicality). In this virtual event, students will showcase their skill level to a panel of professional musicians by performing a required piece with a pre-recorded accompaniment track, a  prepared solo of the student’s choosing, and musical scales in corresponding keys. Auditions are submitted via pre-recorded video.

The deadline to submit videos for this year’s Guitar Comps and Evaluation Program is March 17. The cost to participate is $45. Optional fee of $15 to receive a hard copy of the certificate and a participation button for their guitar strap.

Registration for Spring 2023 is closed