Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Cauthen

Sarah with her husband and daughter

1. How long have you been teaching at Metro Music Makers, and what do you teach?
“I teach voice, piano, ukulele and guitar, and I’ve been teaching with Metro Music Makers for over six years!”

2. What is your first musical memory?
“When I was two or three years old, my mom gave me a Playskool cassette player with a microphone. I remember listening to my church choir tapes over and over, and singing along at the top of my lungs!”

3. What was the first album you bought?
“My first ever CD was Pavarotti singing a selection of arias — until I was about five or six, my mom only allowed me listen to classical music. After that, I dove in headfirst, listening to everything from Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys to Nirvana and TLC. The oldest CD I still listen to is probably Savage Garden.”

4. Who are you listening to right now?
“Right now I’m listening to Rex Orange County. I love the indie pop vibe: the jazz influence and the way each song has a different texture, I think, is what draws me in. That, and I just love his voice.”

5. Why do you love teaching?
“I have too many answers for that question! The main reason I love teaching is the kids. It’s great to sit and talk to kids one -on-one and be a positive force for them. My job is really only 10% teaching and 90% coaching the kids through each challenge. It’s tough sometimes, but quite rewarding when it works.”

6. Who inspires you as a musician?
“Honestly, my peers are my best inspiration. When I see teachers like Mark recording his own music, or Chelsea writing her own musical for our summer camp, it makes me think of new ways to use my own talents.”

7. What musical accomplishment are you most proud of?
“I remember so many times being on stage performing or auditioning when I made a mistake, sometimes big and sometimes small. But my proudest moments are always right after those mistakes, when I soldier on and continue giving 100% to the music. How we handle failure is one of the ultimate tests of our character. That’s why I see those failures as true successes.”

8. Tell me about one of your best moments as a teacher.
“Recently, my kindergarten choir decided that instead of singing, they all wanted to swarm me. They were hugging me and saying, ‘We love you, Ms. Sarah!’ That was the best.”

9. What’s the latest in your own music world?
“Right now I’m trying really hard to write a song. . . “

10. What’s the latest in your world outside of music?
“My life outside of music is consumed by my family. My husband and my two-year-old daughter Rosemary love when Mommy is home to play with them!”

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