Meet our November Teacher of the Month: Grace Mason!

1. What do you teach at Metro Music Makers?
Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice

2. When did you first start taking music lessons?
I began lessons at the age of 6 when my sister had broken her arm and couldn’t attend her lesson. We were going to lose the money paid for the lesson if someone didn’t play, so I went in her place and was hooked ever since.

3. What musician inspires you the most, and why?
A friend of mine, Courtland Walters, who graduated a year before me in undergrad at Young Harris College. He is an incredible songwriter who’s plays literally every instrument and lives and breathes his music and art in a way that I’ve never seen anyone else do. It inspires me to be passionate for my own creativity. If you want to be inspired too you should check him out on Spotify!

4. What was your first concert?
My first concert was a Relient K concert at The Fox Theatre.

5. What was your favorite concert, and why?
My favorite was probably when I went to Music Midtown in Piedmont Park to see Coldplay, The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Manchester Orchestra, Young the Giant. Those were my favorite bands at the time, and the performances were all stellar. It was my first festival, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find another one to top the experience.

6. What’s the latest in your own music world?
I helped record a worship album in Wayuunaiki, the language of a people group in northern Colombia, for the Wayuu people. Until now, they did not have any music in their language for their churches.

7. What’s the latest in your world outside of music?
Lately my life outside of music has been beautifully simplistic, nothing huge… I’ve been enjoying time with my niece and family, reading, and studying Spanish… and it’s been lovely!

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