Meet Chelsea Smith

1) What do you teach at Metro Music Makers?
Vocal health, singing styles, piano, acting

2) Do you play any instruments beyond what you teach?
I am learning guitar and ukulele. I used to play the oboe.

3) If you could only hear one song on repeat the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
Honestly, I just wouldn’t hear. Haha! I think one song would drive me too crazy, no matter what it was. But if I HAD to pick, it would have to be something without lyrics (because eventually that topic would be all I would think about). I think I could live well with the Debussy Revere. There’s a calm about it (to keep me calm) and the music has a forward movement and motion to it that encourages the listener to move and not be stuck. Ironically, Debussy felt this was his worst piece – haha! I think it’s his best!

4) What is the best part about teaching?
Watching my students perform. It’s so fun seeing them use the technique I’ve taught them and have success with it!

5) Do you play or sing somewhere regularly? 
I lead worship at Cross Church almost every Sunday! Recently I’ve been doing more writing, e.g., the Musical “A Game Called Neverland,” and writing music with friends from church. We’re working to put the musical on iTunes, and eventually we’ll get an album out with the church. So I guess right now is just a season of digging in and doing the preparation work

6) If you could snap your fingers and get your students to do one thing, what would it be?
Support all the time, every time, from the diaphragm. Diaphragm breathing is just not common and it almost always is the answer to what someone is doing wrong.

Also, I wish they could hear what I hear… There are some people that hear music in colors (like blue, purple etc.). I hear more tones (like brass, silver, gold). I guess metals would be the right word. If students could hear their natural metal, I think they would be able to find their own voice and would stop emulating these singers that aren’t them. There’s something SO freeing about singing the way you are created to!

7) If you hadn’t become a career musician, what other career would you have chosen?
Music was always first, but I’m also super crafty. I probably would’ve gone into interior decorating and design. Ironically, I kind of do it anyway when I create set pieces and stage layouts.

8) What is your favorite non-musical hobby, or what’s one random fact about you that might surprise us?
Hobby: HIKING! I will hike until I die. I LOVE reading in the rain. When I was little I would take an umbrella outside, sit in the carport with a chair and read/journal.

Random fact: I have a scuba license, and I was a killer catcher in softball for a long time. My nickname was chatterbox because I would make friends with the umpires and just talk with batters. Haha! I don’t know why, but I got ran over a couple times by girls at home plate… Ha! In high school I played every sport offered except football — and cheerleading, if you consider that a sport… just kidding! My sister was one.

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