Get A Sneak Peak Into Our Teaching Workshops With Our New Podcast!

One of the things that makes Metro Music Makers and its teachers truly special is that we offer amazing training workshops several times a month for our teachers, to keep them inspired and at the top of their game. In these workshops, our teachers get awesome tips and ideas for improving every aspect of their teaching from other teachers and professionals who really know their stuff. Wouldn’t you love to access some of this insider training? Well,  now you can get in on some of this excellent content, FREE!

Introducing our newest feature, a Soundcloud podcast that you can subscribe to to get interviews after every one of our workshops with the workshop hosts. You’ll get the highlights of each workshop through these excellent conversations. Did I mention this content is completely free? What are you waiting for? Check out our first podcast below and then subscribe so you never miss any of this invaluable material.

Our first workshop is about taking your students’ recital performances to the next level. J.T. Lee interviews Sara Longwell and Chelsea Smith about their workshop on how to plan recital performances for your students that go way beyond the typical, boring recital fare. They offer some stellar tips for teaching your students to deliver an entertaining, superstar performance for an audience, rather than just “surviving” by getting up on stage and not making any mistakes. Have you seen enough recitals full of panicked looking students that just stiffly get up on stage, make it through their performance, and sit down? Are you ready to wow parents and audiences with recital performances that are actually entertaining to watch (all while making it much more fun for your students)? Click play and then tell us your best tips for planning great recital performances in the comments!

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